Why do you hate healthy food?

Why do you hate healthy food?

Often people ask me in real life and also online when they see what kind of foods I eat, “uh how can you eat that” or “does that really taste good” people are disgusted by the fact that I eat raw zucchini and make remarks like “ew no I could never eat that” and aside from making me laugh… a lot, it made me want to write this blog post explaining why.

It simply comes down to conditioning…. its logical right, if you train to be a weight lifter you get good at training weight; you get strong. But if you go try do a yoga class your probably a little inflexible, it’s the same with your tastebuds. Every day you are training your taste buds buy what you put into your mouth.

If you are eating lollies, processed foods and takeaways that are heavily fried,  coca cola/red bull,  the sugar and flavour additives in these foods  make the flavours so bold and strong.

Yes, these food taste amazing; they are manufactured to, so that you buy them over and over again, and naturally you get used to this huge flavour hit.

When you do go to try something “healthy” or less processed your taste buds don’t register the subtle natural flavours and this tells your brain that you don’t like these foods and that they are bland, tasteless or “yuck”.

I had such a hard time when I first wanted to be healthy, I hated every nutritionally balanced meal I tried, there was no fucking way RAW vegetables were going into my mouth unless it was carrot or celery smothered in peanut butter…. that’s because I was still having the odd lollies and Redbull, once I admitted this to my nutritionist they told me I need to detox my taste buds and go cold turkey from artificial flavours sweeteners and processed foods for 21 days.

21 days I how long it usually takes you to break a habit and while it seems like a long period of time is is only 3 weeks, so I broke it down into one week sections, if I could get through one week I could do the 21 days.

The first week and second week can be the hardest detoxing from sugar  can be especially hard. Sugar is addictive an acts in a similar way in the brain to stimulants like drugs. When detoxing from sugar you can expect to feel grumpy, experience headaches and mood swings, so be wary of this and know that it is part of the process. Cold turkey is the way I went about this and while this sounds harsh and impossible to some it is doable.

Steps I took that could help you too:

  1. Up you water intake, starting day one make it your goal to drink 3 l of water a day, 1 at the beginning middle and end of the day, while also consuming water normally thought-out the day, try and chug them so that they act like a flush in your body, this will help to cleanse your body faster.
  2. Start each morning with a vitamin C shot, this is ½ a lemon squeezed, with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and some cayenne pepper also if you like this is optional. Lemon balances the Ph of your body which sugar can throw off, and apple cider vinegar or ACV helps to aid digestion, kill bad bacteria in your gut, lowers your blood sugar levels and can also help you to feel full.
  3. Check the labels and ingredient list at the super market when you shop. I try not to buy anything with more than 10g of sugar inside and use these products sparingly. Sauces and fruit juices can hide a lot of sugar so make sure to check these.
  4. Stop drinking every thing but water; you can flavour your water with fruit, if you dislike the taste of water this may be due to your sugar addiction and just know that this is normal and it will pass.
  5. Stop eating takeaways and processed foods
  6. Remove items from your pantry that contain sugar, and don’t keep sugar of any form in your house.

Coping mechanisms, I used;

  1. Use honey instead of sugar
  2. Make healthy snacks I have a bunch on my Instagram have a stalk
  3. Eat natural sugars like fruit
  4. Increase your protein intake
  5. Start a food diary or download a food tracking app and review it daily or weekly.

Things to keep in mind you will save money doing this challenge, so at the end of the 21 days why not buy yourself something you really want as a reward, and keep in mind “nothing worth achieving is ever easy “ so know that for sure this will be hard but its not impossible, and if you start and slip up its ok just keep going, the most important thing is to gain an awareness for what you are putting into your body and how that in turn effects you.

I hope this helped if you have any questions please comment below, as you already know I’m not a nutritionist this is my personal opinion based of my own personal life experience.

Millie x

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