Travel - My Flying Tips

Travel - My Flying Tips

I've seen a bunch of blog posts on “how to make sure you feel great flying", "travel tips" or "what's in my carry on" so I thought I'd write one.

When I'm flying I don't give a fuck about carrying food with me. I travel around a bit, at the most I will travel around 2 days if I'm coming back to New Zealand, like now; I'm currently flying from Athens to Constantinople (Istanbul) eating a vegetarian wrap and drinking some water.

You will not find me carting the latest "it" healthy snack bar, or homemade scroggin. Like the saying goes "one meal will not make you fat", one plane trip that the average person takes which is around 11 hours and 2 small meals will not impact your feeling of wellbeing while flying.

Unless you're one of those people who needs their snacks packed, is highly gluten intolerant, or has some other health issue that requires you to pack special snacks; which is totally fine. However I do not.

My real core things for flying so I don't feel like a complete piece of shit when I walk off the plane are as follows:

  • I want to be comfortable;
  • I don't want to feel hungry or thirsty;
  • I don't want to feel smelly or dirty and;
  • I want to have a few things to pass the time, e.g. my laptop, phone, notebook and a book.

The first is pretty simple. My favorite things to wear in general are sweats. Sweats are life. I'm always in leggings or track pants preferably black, I usually wear Morfa active, Gym shark or Nike in a thick high waist style, a sports bra and then whatever on top, I’m loving vintage oversized jumpers from Chadwick Vintage at the moment.

Secondly, hungry and thirsty… the plane staff pretty much cover that, but I would recommend having your own drink bottle. I prefer glass over plastic and a 1L size.

When It comes to eating on board, I always request vegetarian! I did this even before I went vegetarian because I just couldn't imagine airplane meat coming from a good place.

The Vegetarian option is always fine, and with all the small snacks, chips, cookies, rolls and sweets... just use your common sense and opt out of those because they are usually just empty calories and full of sugar.

Airplanes are also probably the only place on earth where portion sizes are as they should be when it comes to pasta and rice dishes so that's also a plus.

Feeling dirty while traveling is like hell, it's one of my pet hates. I need to be able to wash my face and hands periodically so no makeup is a must for me, also because air con is so drying on skin I like to be able to moisturise  at my leisure.

Moisturiser, serums, face mists; I have a small arsenal in my carryon, tailor skin care lip balm and moisturiser, Banish skin care vit C spray and mad hippy vitamin A serum. I have also recently added some ultraceutical creams to my arson, I apply these as needed with clean hands. I always carry alcohol free wipes as well which are super handy for a wee water free shower.

possibly the most important thing to remember when taking any sort of lotion on board, DO NOT forget the 100ml rule i have lost many products to the people at customs and there is nothing more infuriating than having one of your favourite items removed from your luggage.

Passing the time while on board an airplane can be tricky. If you find it difficult to pass time productively on board I would suggest taking a good book - I’m currently reading “how to eat, move and be healthy” by Paul Chek.

Just as importantly when you arrive in your destination be kind to your body. If you are arriving home like i just have, and you are feeling completely out of whack, you can try spending some time on your shakit mat, take a good magnesium supplement (I'm currently using one from bio balance) and drinking lots of water and rest.

This is obviously just advice for people like me who are not on a strict eating plan. Let me know if you liked / didn't like this post.

Millie x

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