The Vagina Diaries

The Vagina Diaries

Lately on my social media channels I’ve been speaking about all things lady related. These posts stemmed from my recent discovery of menstrual cups.

Personally I experience very painful periods and it’s been my goal this year to try and reduce this monthly pain. The first thing to go was tampons. After doing some research I discovered that most mainstream brands are using bleached cotton, which I assumed cannot be a good thing to be putting into my most vulnerable part of my body. Secondly the average woman uses around 11,000 sanitary items in her lifestyle and the amount of waste that this creates for our planet further confirmed to me that a menstrual cups was the right alternative.

So, for the last 5 months using my cup (Diva cup) has been amazing. I've noticed a huge reduction in my pain and in the duration of my bleeding days, and this happened from the first use of my Diva cup.

Benefits I noticed:

  • I was more in tune/ in touch with my body
  • I was creating less waste
  • I was at ease as I wasn’t putting toxic sprayed cotton into my body
  • I saved a huge amount of money on tampons the last 5 months
  • It's made from medical grade silicone so it's toxic free and it's soft and comfortable
  • No leakage and ruined underwear


  • Apart from figuring out how to use, and remove it, I don't have any downs using mine.

Unlike with tampons I don't ever feel it, because it's so soft and flexible.  I have never experienced discomfort with it. I don't ever run out of tampons and have to run to the shop or get my boyfriend to. And It holds 3x more blood than a maxi tampon.

Personally, I will never go back to using tampons I love my cup.

If you are thinking “ewwww god no, I will never have the stomach to touch my bloody vagina let alone insert this huge looking plastic cup inside how unhygienic and disgusting…..”

  1. Nothing about or anything that comes out of your body naturally is gross or yuck, especially not your vagina
  2. Ask your self why do I think like that??? Is it because you were always made to feel like your lady parts were seen a certain way? Or taboo?
  3. Yes vaginas bleed once a month and NO it's not supposed to be painful or a hassle
  4. There's so many alternatives to mainstream products and they work!
  5. You can say the word vagina/vulva and it's ok; they are not a dirty words
  6. If you can let someone else touch it you can 100% touch it yourself
  7. Take it one step further and get a mirror out and have a look at it! It's your body
  8. If you don't know your body get familiar with it, it is your body after all
  9. We don't talk about things like periods enough
  10. Yes, vaginas are sacred, try treating them as such
  11. Tampons are far more unhygienic in general than a menstrual cup

As women it's standard we have a vagina and ovaries and a womb and all the fun that goes along with that, but it's taboo to talk about? We all came out of a vagina, we all have one, get to know her fuck touch her occasionally.... it’s not a crime it's your body!? I know...people don't usually talk about this stuff but WHY??? Your body is amazing. Get to know it!

You can buy here - this is the one I have so it's the only one I can recommend

How to insert


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