The self inflicted mind fuck

The self inflicted mind fuck

The emotional hardship we put ourselves through when things don’t come easily to us is often extreme.

There’s a certain feeling of inadequacy that comes with being told you’ll never be a mum. Always get a second opinion, never give up or lose hope!

I blamed myself for such a long time after being told I was “infertile” because of my history as a user, I told myself that I’d done some irreversible damage and I only had me to blame. Instead I should’ve been thinking about the fact that yes I put my body through the ringer (my period actually stopped for a time while I was using) and that it would take time and extra support to restore my body’s natural function. Which is exactly what Lisa my practitioner told me!

Mindset plays a huge role in everything, but especially fertility. knowing your body and cycle and not putting yourself in stressful and negative situations, there for who you see for advice & help is key also; working with someone who will explain your body to you in a kind, understanding and positive way this is why I love the team at @bepurebenwarren .

They are currently giving free 15 min consultations if you’ve been worried about something for a while; maybe it’s your hormones, cycle, maybe you bloat or experience a lack of energy in the afternoon, or have trouble sleeping, call them up and ask them about it, talking to someone always helps.


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