Switching from Apple to Android

Switching from Apple to Android

Being an avid Apple user since the iPhone first came out I would’ve never imagined that I would be switching from an Apple to an Android based phone, I mean if it’s not broke don’t fix it right?

Most of my friends are quite evenly split between being Apple and Android users and when speaking to both they assure me that their phone is the better system to use, so I decided I had to try it out for myself.

Thanks to Samsung New Zealand I was gifted the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to try out. I was extremely excited about this as I had read many positive reviews about this phone.

Unboxing the phone, I was impressed by its look and feel . It’s a nice size and the screen is huge - I can view my website and blog in great quality and my photos and their detail are extremely clear. Getting used to not having iTunes, and the slightly different format of the phone took me 1-2 days to get used to.

I loved the fact that I could easily transfer my items from my iPhone to my Samsung so I didn’t lose any of my photos.

The most important aspect of the phone for me is that I need to be able to take good quality photos and I can confirm that the note far exceeded my expectations on this, not to mention the ability to edit the photos in cool ways and also search them via a Google images style search using Bixby ( which you can read more about here ).

The phone also has a built-in pen, which I am still getting the hang of, but you can use this to sign off on documents, create email sign offs, edit pictures, draw emoji’s, make your own GIFs and more. For the artistic types out there it’s a pretty amazing addition to the phone.[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image="1697" img_size="large"][vc_column_text]Another key point for me was music. I spend literally hundreds of dollars a year paying for music on iTunes. As iTunes isn’t an option on Samsung I was forced to download Spotify. Now I know you can have this app on your Apple device but iTunes was just so easy on my iPhone so I never thought to use Spotify. Now on my Note I have started using and loving Spotify, and I’m saving at least $10 a week on downloading music. In general, I am spending less money on apps etc. with my Samsung.

Over the past month, I have loved using the fitness app, another feature that I know Apple has also, but the Note has a handy heart rate reader at the back of the phone to make sure you’re in optimal heart rate parameters for your workouts. It also automatically tracks my walking routes, pauses the app when I stop for a break and then summarises my whole workout and combines it with my week’s activities.

Going into to this I thought it would be hard to change from Apple to Android, but believe me it’s not. Samsung have produced a high-quality phone which is so easy to use and I’m always discovering cool new things that it does.

You can read more about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 on their website here.

Have you recently changed from Apple to Android? How did you find it?

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