I believe your body is sacred. I spent so many years hating myself and abusing my body, with partying and drugs, smoking and fast food, and for the past 7 years I’ve been on a path to a healthier me, mind body and spirit…. For me that includes being in touch with my body, like touching it.

It’s my body after all.... if I can let others touch it why shouldn’t I. Don’t I know my body best? Shouldn’t I know how to look after myself?

For me my first sexual interaction was with myself, I don't remember how old I was but it was when my parents were together so I was quite young possibly around 9 or 10. I never spoke to anyone about it, it clearly wasn't a topic for discussion but it made me feel good so I did it every night before I went to bed for quite a while. I liked the feeling of going to sleep cloaked in bliss. I knew I wasn't dirty or doing something wrong but I understood that it was something secret and "mimis" didn't get talked about a lot.

Generally, we all know guys are really into their dicks. There's a whole dick culture, guys are proud of and talk about their dicks all the time they send pictures of their dicks to people etc. etc. so WHY can women not even mention their vagina?

Why do you so often hear a guy’s first time having sex amazing while a girls is nothing special or something to get out of the way??? Not to mention it's fine for us to be sexualized by society, but if we start the conversation it's taboo, gross or rude. And you all know I'm about normalizing topics for discussion.

Masturbation helped me a huge amount after Connor  passed away. When I was dealing with feelings of extreme loneliness, my sex drive didn't disappear. Sure I suppressed it but masturbating at night or whenever in the shower etc. gave me a huge sexual release. I believe that without this release I could've turned to meaningless sexual integration with guys (fuck yes I really said that) but I was so fucking lonely and reestablishing a more personal connecting with myself really helped those feelings. I learned that I didn’t need anyone else to ensure I was happy and content, and this was HUGE for me.

Expressing your sexuality is empowering. It's being open and honest with yourself about what you like in the most intimate manner. Don't be shy or embarrassed about it, the average guy isn't. It's normal - let's make it that way.

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