Oxygen Skincare 8 Week Review

Oxygen Skincare 8 Week Review

Company back story

Oxygen is a family run New Zealand based business that uses organic hops to help problematic skin. Oxygen Skincare products are never tested on animals and contain only natural and organic ingredients.


First impressions / products sent

Crème cleanser – woman & teen

Skin toner – woman & teen

Botanical serum – woman

Blemish acne gel – woman & teen

Refreshing moisturiser – woman

Hydrating night cream – woman


*These products have lasted me more than 9 weeks.


The packaging is simple and beautiful, I was surprised at how much product there was in the cream cleanser, toner and creams.

The cream cleanser is super thick and luxe, and had a nice botanical fragrance,  it's gentle yet removes all traces of my makeup. I’m not usually inclined to use a cream cleanser as I prefer something that foams but this is very nice.

The skin toner is fresh and has a nice botanical smell also, this is advised to use during the day to help keep your skin hydrated and fresh so I will try and remember to use this accordingly.

The botanical serum foamed a little on my face before sinking into my skin, I don’t love the consistency I thought it would be a little thicker but that’s just personal preference.

The blemish gel looks interesting I will be keen to see if it dries out my skin as that’s usually how blemish control works.

Both moisturisers are amazing, the night cream is thick but also skins away into my skin quickly, same with the day cream.

I am very excited to see how these products go result wise.


Thoughts and feelings overall:

I have finally found a skin care that works, makes my skin look and feel amazing, I have gone from dull pimple prone dirty looking skin to glowing fresh and clear. Have a look at my before and afters below.

I’m hard on my skin, I travel a lot, I’m 30, I still experience breakouts, I have hormonal pigmentation, and I want something that actually works and covers all the bases; is ethical, smells and feels amazing, while being affordable and cruelty free…well I’ve found it in This routine.

I trialled these products every day for 8 weeks, often twice a day; when waking, post gym, and before bed, and it’s my new holy grail.

I didn’t use the toner so much, and I never really fell in love with the serum but I keep using it because it works well.

I am OBSESSED with the cream cleanser and day and night cream …ohhhh my god, and pimple serum; doesn’t dry your skin at all but vanished blemishes.
Each product smells divine, and my skin drinks both the day and night creams up.

Their signature key ingredient that makes their products so magical is hops! Usually used in beer, but on skin it is an anti-inflammatory and aids in the production of collagen & elastin, so is perfect for acne, scars & rosacea.

Oxygen have been kind enough to offer my following a 15% discount, just use the code “Cleaneatznz” on their website at checkout; https://oxygenskincare.co.nz


*Disclaimer, what works or is appealing to me may be the complete opposite to you, these are my personal thoughts and experiences. my reviews are in no way edited or changed by the company under review.

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