Okana 2 Week Review

Okana 2 Week Review

I used these products from Sat 23 June 2018 until sat 7 July 2018.


Company back story

Okana is New Zealand owned and operated. They focus on using minimal and quality edible ingredients to “bring your skin to life”.


Products received

Body scrub – Brown sugar and olive oil – $25.99

Sorbet cleanser – Mango apricot – $19.99

Body butter – Avocado smash – $25.99

Ph. Balancing foaming cleanser – $15.99

Mist toner – Cucumber and lettuce – $14.99

Day cream – Vegetable cream – $22.99

Night cream – Berry blend – $22.99

Remineralising facial scrub – Bamboo beads – $15.99


The packaging and labels are beautiful and are presented in a mix of plastic and glassware. The colours relate to the ingredients included in each product.

Each product is ‘edible’ (I wouldn’t say tasty but apparently it won’t do you any harm if ingested) and made from fruits but without scent.

While I love this idea, and understand that scents can produce skin irritation, the idea that they are made from such luxe fruits it would’ve been nice if they had a smell.

Just based off the look of the products I was really excited to start this review.


First impressions

The first night I decided to try out the body scrub and sorbet cleanser, I took out half golf ball amount of the body scrub and distributed it evenly around my shoulders, hips legs, butt and feet.

With most other scrubs I have used, I was expecting for the brown sugar to exfoliate and somewhat remove the olive oil and leave me feeling fresh and moisturised once I added water, but it worked into a butter like consistency and wouldn’t dissolve so I had to apply some body wash soap to remove it.

It was also the same experience with the sorbet cleanser; it felt far too thick on my skin and was difficult to remove, I used the facial scrub to remove the excess sorbet cleanser, my skin felt extremely clean after using the scrub and my own soap after to get it off.

Stepping out of the shower I started with the facial routine, first the Ph. balancing foaming cleanser which I use three/four pumps instead of the directed two, and found that it does make my skin feel clean and fresh, it would be amazing if it smelt like apple but that’s just a personal preference.

I then again used the bamboo scrub which I like, I feel it cleanses my pores well, as its quite gritty, which comes from the tiny pieces of actual bamboo inside the formulation.

The night cream is a beautiful purple colour but it quite thin for a night cream. The next morning, I followed the same facial routine with the day cream and toning mist.

The day cream also has a beautiful bright colour and then mist is light and fresh absorbing quickly into the skin.

I then also tried the avocado smash body butter which is 100% oil based, personally for me I didn’t like the feel of this body butter, it’s extremely oily, but it does have a beautiful deep green colour.

So, to recap the two-week trial is focusing on the following items that I had a good initial feeling and reaction to; I did not continue with the other three products that I didn’t like.

Ph. balancing foaming cleanser

Mist toner – cucumber and lettuce

Day cream – vegetable cream

Night cream – berry blend

Remineralising facial scrub – bamboo beads


The trial

My usual routine is cleanse, tone, moisturise each morning upon rising, then again after the gym and again before bed. In the evening, I switch the day cream for the night cream.

Starting my skin was clear, without any visible pimples white heads or emerging acne. I do have some blackheads on my nose. I have oily to combination skin with some pigmentation on my upper lip.

The range from Okana isn’t a targeted skin care as such, it’s made for ‘all skin types’, so anyone can use it.

I usually look for a skin care that makes me feel clean, like my pores are not filling up with dirt as I live in quite a dusty place, and that the products are not overly oil based due to the fact I’m in the sun a lot and this can lead to skin damage and hyperpigmentation.

During the first week, I experienced a small break-out of very small white headed pimples along my forehead, and around the corners of my mouth, as well as some larger pimples on my chin, cheeks and forehead, but this can happen to me when I change my skin care routine sometimes.

My skin feels clean and fresh after washing and especially so after the bamboo scrub which is fast becoming my favourite product. I have started applying the night cream twice 30 minutes apart in the evening as my skin drinks it up super-fast and it’s a thin formulation.


Overall thoughts

It’s a natural, beautifully packaged range of products, marketed as edible and fragrance free to avoid irritation. I love the company ethos, and branding.

I had an initial reaction resulting in some pimples throughout the trial.

It would be nice if it was a little more targeted, i.e. something for pimples, a face mask, but I understand it’s a new emerging company.

I do really love the idea of using fruit in skincare, but I think for my skin I need something a little more active.

I think it is extremely well priced also.

I always stress that everyone is different, someone else may try these products and say they loved every single one this is just my personal experience and opinion.

Here is my skin before the Okana trial (first photo) and after (second photo):

For me personally it didn’t improve my skin in anyway. I feel my skin felt and looked more oily and textured after the trial, and I would not re buy any of the products.

Again everyone is different and these are my own personal thoughts.


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