My favourite online shops that won't break the bank

My favourite online shops that won't break the bank

I’m not a big shopper but I do have a slight weakness for jewellery, shoes, gym wear and vintage clothing, so I went through my ‘shopping’ email folder and put together this list of my favourite online shops of the moment. I can’t bring myself to spend crazy amount of money on clothes. You will never see me buying designer clothes brand new; I’d much rather save and spend my money on travel, but I have a found quite a few little gems the last months so I wanted to share them with you all….



I’m a recent recovering sneaker addict - sneakers are life, I don’t own one pair of high heels. I’m not into wearing things on my feet that hurt me and I hardly every dress like a ‘lady’.

Sneakers are the only item that I contemplate spending more than I usually would on. My favourite sneaker stores are Loaded and Titlo Shop - they have great drops of sneakers, and while I haven't purchased any shoes in the last year or so I’m currently patiently waiting for loaded to release the new white yeezys that I’ve been lusting over since last year. My favourite pairs that I’m wearing at the moment are my Adidas Yeezy's, which last so well (I’ve legit worn them everyday for like two years) and they are incomparably comfortable, my custom (made by myself on the Italian Adidas website) all grey shelltoes, my Puma nude creepers and lastly my Nike air max 90 city collection tokyo a gift from my bestie Kirsty.



I live in track pants - most days I’m dressed bumb-eske but when I’m not rocking the dishevelled look I switch up to gym tights and sport wear. If I have an occasion where I should dress up I’m wearing comfortable black jeans; you know the ones that don’t show your butt crack when you sit down and aren’t super restrictive, I love a jean with a little stretch. My all-time favourite pair of black jeans are from Zara and cost me 25 euro like most of their denim. I’ve had them about a year and they are so comfy; they have holes in the knees and you can dress them up or down and they go with everything.

For training the Nike high waisted pants are my preferred work out tights (they are not sheer and they last really well), followed closely by Gymshark which I have recently discovered and loved (also not sheer at all and super well priced).

Denim wise I love Levis; new and vintage. I just bought a very cool reworked pair of vintage Levis off a girl on Instagram @neverbecky which im frothing to get. I’ve also found a great little vintage shop in Thessaloniki which less old Levis denim jeans for 30 euro, which are great for buying and altering to fit.

This is something I do a bit; I buy second hand clothes and have them fitted. I used to do this when I lived in NZ too and a little grandma living up the road from me used to do all my alterations for $5 apiece.

When I was back in NZ I stopped in at Good as Gold and picked on some very nice blue levis that didn’t break the bank, but I’m also loving A brand at the moment for denim, their jeans and shorts are really comfortable and beautifully distressed.

The track pants I’m wearing I’m stealing off my boyfriend or they are old items of Connors, if  I’m buying some are super cheap ones from Bershka which I don’t think you have in NZ yet but you could possibly shop inline using Youshop, they have some great stuff including fitness wear so they are worth checking out too. But alternatively, the warehouse and Kmart have the best snuggly clothes.


T-shirts and jumpers

I shop a lot in the guy’s section. This is something I’ve done for yonks and I just like jumpers and jackets from the boy’s section more because of how they fit. Also they are never cropped or have too much going on which suits my style, but I also keep clothes for a long time. Because I don’t really shop trends my style kind of stays the same so I have some really worn old favourite tshirts that are maybe 5+ years old.

However Chadwick vintage is my current obsession for upper wear. I’m loving all their vintage items; I have an amazing Harley jumper from them as well a really comfy/slouchy old Ralph Lauren jumper. Usually I’m wearing unbranded/plain jumpers, and simple singlets that I pick up for 3-4 euro at Zara in Thessaloniki or if I want a nicer one I shop from my fave Scandinavian brand 'Desert Waste’.

I'm very into buying second hand. I used to love shopping on K Road in Auckland and at paper bag princess - one of my fave online vintage stores is millyandwolfvintage.

When im not wearing a hoodie I'm wearing my army green bomber jacket. Initially I was lusting over the Alpha Industries one, but I ended up picking up one exactly the same from the men’s section in Bershka for 30 Euro. This is my jam when I’m shopping. If I see something nice and it happens to be designer I won’t buy it because the price will be so high just due to the name; there is always a cheaper just as good alternative. 



I hit up Bendon outlet in West Auckland last time I was in NZ and restocked my nice underwear, but usually I pick up underwear at H&M. I did however recently purchase a bunch of Calvin Klein Underwear from ShopBop as they had a sale and I love their free shipping. I LOATHE bras; I think I have 1 underwire bra in my wardrobe and I hate to wear it. I am always wearing sports bras and soft bras from the Bershka, Nike and Intimissi which is an Italian brand that’s quite big here in Greece.



This is a huge crux of mine. I’m obsessed with gold and stones and the process of making and re working jewellery materials. I follow so fucking many jewellery accounts on Instagram. I’ve recently added several new piercings to my ears so I’m very into earrings at the moment. In Season jewellery and My Name Necklace are two really awesome well priced companies who do a range of things. I like In Season for earrings especially because they do screw on backs as their website is mainly jewellery for babies and teens. My Name Necklace make the signature “Carrie Bradshaw” name necklace in a variety of materials and are SO well priced it's kind of hard to believe they make any money.

Sarah and Sebastian chain studs and their letter studs are also a favourite of mine but slightly more expensive than the previous two websites mentioned. They have beautiful designs on their website and while it’s a little more expensive than the other two sites I mentioned it's actually very reasonable in the world of jewellery.



I’m a huge fan of sunnies. I have a bunch of cheapies mixed in with my go to. Because I have quite a round face I like either the Ray Ban style or the huge bug eye style - quite different ends of the spectrum but hey. One of my all-time favourite glasses are the Porsche Carrera - I have found a new online shop called Smart Buy Glasses that has them for a seriously reduced price (like $200 less than what I bought mine for). Their range of sunglasses is huge and I think they guarantee that they will have them at the lowest price. I just picked up some Ray Bans off them for $143.

All in all, I’m basic so I apologise if you were wanted to read some extravagant list of Gucci and Louis Vuitton. If I had written this list 10 years ago it would’ve been full of name brands, but I just can’t justify buying a t-shirt for $500+ when I know it took a max of $20 to make, but that’s just me. I hope you found some cool sites to check out in this blog, I’d love to know what online shops you love so comment below!


M xxx

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