My Daily Routine

My Daily Routine

Often I get asked what are the things I stick to and never give up on, because I’m a serial product trier, if that’s even a word. I love to try new things whatever they may be and this has lead me to find some great gems over the years.

These are the things I swear by doing or using daily….



Every morning when I wake up I take ½ a grapefruit or lemon; squeeze it and add 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar and take this like a shot. I then follow this with one litre of water. I skull the water and then eat after I feel the water has passed from my stomach.

I then also skull 1 litre of water at midday and one an hour before bed, this is in addition to water that I sip throughout the day.

Since starting this routine, I have noticed that I have a lot more energy during the day. My skin is so much better than before. I don’t get big or deep pimples anymore - not even around my period and I snack less in the evenings too.

I have also switched up my morning coffee routine for homemade matcha lattes. Matcha gives you a similar morning kick to coffee but without the jitters. I make mine using bio balance organic match powder and coconut milk.



After my morning water routine, I wash my face using my Tailor skin care. This female owned and run New Zealand company has been doing amazing things for my skin for the last 5 years. I have not changed my base skin care routine in this time in favour of this all natural cruelty free range despite trying so many other skin care products.

My core products from Tailor that I use very day are the dry cleanse and the oil cleanse. I find the dry cleanse great for exfoliating and giving a clean and softness to my face. If I want my skin to glow and feel moisturised, I mix dry cleanse with their oil cleanse instead of water.

Since starting this blog post I was able to have my face mapped by Buoy Salon and Spa in Wellington New Zealand and have since been put onto Ultraceuticals to help with some pigmentation and general skin upkeep issues. As I’m now 28, I wanted to get a skin assessment and see where my problem areas are and what to look out for. Now that I’ve identified those I am working with a super active skin care routine to try and resolve them along with feeding my skin goodness from within using my Rejuvacol products from Activate Results NZ. Even though I’ve only been using the skin care products for 12 days I have noticed a huge improvement in my skins texture, brightness and overall look. I feel like I’m glowing, so I’m very interested to keep using this and possibly write a full blog post on that skincare range after some months.



Next in my morning routine I have my lash serum. I have been using Revitalash for around five years now. When I started I was obsessed with getting eyelash extensions to the point where I had completely wrecked my natural lashes; now I don’t even use mascara daily anymore. I get my eyelashes tinted once a month and my natural lashes are so long, thick and healthy that they almost touch my brows. I know that the market is full of lash serums of varying prices but I love Revitalash as I have never had any adverse effects from it, it's not tested on animals and the story behind the company is a beautiful one. 



This may sound completely fucking loopy to you and if you had told this to me some years ago I would have laughed at this, but seriously do it.

My inner Millie can be quite a bitch to herself and sometimes it’s a good idea to reset her first thing in the morning with a positive voice. Today for example my mantra was “I’m strong, I’m deserving, I am magical”. These three words relate to some hard things I am dealing with at the moment and I need to remind myself in the simplest way, that I’m a fucking strong chick who can deal with anything the world or any negative person throws at me; that I deserve happiness regardless of what anyone says and that yes I’m a woman so that alone makes me fricken magical. You have to really feel the words in a good way when you say them to yourself, say them with meaning. This is so hard to explain to someone who might think this is stupid but if you say to yourself every day “I’m fat, I’m ugly, I’m not good” you will start to believe it! Trust me I did this to myself for years, so the opposite must also be true! Try it, start saying nice things to yourself daily and you will feel a change. 



I’m sure you’ve read a million articles or seen so many posts about coconut oil but I’m adding it because it's never not in my house - I use it for everything. Cooking with coconut oil is a daily occurrence in my life and because it's high in good fats I like to have it in my diet to aid with healthy hair, skin and nails.

Aside from cooking with it I’m also using it a lot on my face, hair and body. If I wear makeup I will remove it with coconut oil, it lets you be a lot gentler on your face when removing things like mascara and eyeliner on sensitive places like your eye area where fine lines can occur easily.

Whenever I wash my hair I always add coconut oil to the bottom half as my hair is getting quite long now and the natural oils my head produces don’t get down to the ends to keep them moisturised. Aside from natural oils I never need to use any other products in my hair.

If I have dry nails, cuticles, or dry skin anywhere actually my first choice is coconut oil. I just love it so much, more than all the mainstream bleached lotions (yes bleached! Ever wonder why every lotion is usually white?). I’m also using coconut oil on cuts as it's antibacterial. I’m currently buying my coconut oil from bio balance along with my matcha powder and a few other supplements I’m trying out. The thing I like about bio balance is they have a huge online shop with literally everything you could need so I get to do all my shopping in one place. They also have a nutritionist in their office too, so if you email them about a product you are unsure about and explain your needs they are really helpful.



If you’ve been following me for while you would’ve seen my posts about this magical powder. It’s a marine collagen supplement taken to aid healthy hair, skin and nails which I am all about. It feeds your system from the inside out which is often far more effective than anything you can put onto your body. I take a scoop of this usually in the evening before my last litre of water before bed. Since using this product I have noticed a reduction in split ends and fine lines on my face, and an increase in the speed in which my hair grows. My nails also break and split less often.



Serums are something I only recently got into and it's been a fast growing obsession. Serums are made up of tiny molecules that can penetrate deep into the skin and deliver a very high concentration of active ingredients. This makes them a great tool for targeting specific skincare issues, like wrinkles. I apply my serums at night to my face and neck before sleep. My two favourite brands at the moment are Mad Hippie (I have both the vitamin A & C serum which I use at night before bed), and the Banish vitamin C beauty elixir which I carry around and use throughout the day. I now also have some serums from Ultraceuticals that I’m using and can update you on how I’m finding those in the near future. 



My current obsession with face masks is completely unrealistic - I have too many in the house and trying to decide which one I feel like using this week is always a mission. I have a clay mask from Tailor that I use if I feel my pores are clogged and dirty. If I feel my skin is dry and lacking its usual glow I go straight to my Glam Glow - I got the smallest size pot of this from Sephora Thessaloniki as this is quite an expensive brand. I only use the tiniest amount either as a mask or as a moisturiser and it's insane, it makes my skin feel like it's drunk a cup of water and if I want to look extra fresh I massage it well into my skin before leaving the house. I also love the pumpkin enzyme mask from Banish skincare which is great for exfoliating without scrubbing, and the crazy fun foaming bubble mask from this Korean skin care “Elizavecca, Milky Piggy” brand I found on iherb after seeing Shaanxo use it in one of her YouTube videos.



Spread the good vibes by complimenting someone for something. Not only is this a nice thing to do it also creates a ripple effect. This simple act can inspire others to do the same also, which just spreads the love.

So these are my golden products at the moment that I can’t live without, I am currently on the hunt for an amazing natural cruelty free shampoo and conditioner combo if you know of any please comment below.

I hope you enjoyed this article.

Note: some of the companies mentioned are affiliates of mine and I have discount codes for them. I only work with companies I truly trust and love and I do make a small commission on sales made with my code. It's totally up to you if you would like to use my codes or not. My code is always “cleaneatznz” and can be used for Tailor skin care, Rejuvacol and Revitalash.

Millie xx

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