Interview with Candice from Behind the Bucket List

Interview with Candice from Behind the Bucket List

Who are you, age, location, hobbies, passions, blog?

My name is Candice Rick I am from a small town called King Williams Town in South Africa. I work on a superyacht in the Mediterranean. I am 26 years young.

I am currently in Ashburton England doing an Epic Culinary course for the yacht I work on.

I have many hobbies, some include, scuba diving(divemaster), horse riding, shark diving, health and nutrition(kettlebells-fitness junky), reading(self help, spiritual books and philosophy for a more mindful life), clay pigeon shooting, hiking and basically anything that has adrenaline and exploration involved.

I am passionate about a few things, one being a writer I have been writing since I was 18 in journals (Hand Written haha) to document my travels from my first adventure to go to Australia to be a Cowgirl. I also love fitness and health this is a massive priority in my life because there are only two things in life that are impossible to buy, Time and Health. I love Horse riding but don’t get to do it as often as I want as I follow another passion which is travel and exploration. And last but not least I love spirituality(not religion), I love the idea and exploration of our own inner universe, that no matter how much we explore in the physical reality there is so much not explored within us.

My blog is young its called Behind The Bucketlist. I thought of this because since I was 18 just starting my adventure I wrote my bucket list. I've learnt after years of travelling that its wonderful to tick each goal off but the happiness and fulfilment comes from the journey to the end of the goal. And I want to share that journey so others can be inspired to lie a full life of goals but cherish each moment on the way there (mindfulness).

What started your passion?

My passion for blogging came from years of journal writing. I love to write but I would love for people to see the excitement in my writing, I want to share the beauty of a single life and the lives I cross. So when I thought of the name it inspired me to start. 

What keeps you motivated?

Change keeps me motivated. It is the only constant in the world that is guaranteed, and to embrace it without resistance is the key to loving a full and abundant life. 

Best tips insights you’ve learned?

I am still new to blogging but tips I can give just from writing. Write EVERYTHING, you may think it's insignificant but when you really elaborate on an experience you draw someone into your world. Don’t be afraid to express the fullness of what you are wanting to say.

Biggest difficulty you’ve had with your passion or blog?

My biggest difficulty is not writing when I don’t feel up to it. That is when I need to express myself, show people that we are all human.

Daily routine?

I wake up and am always thankful for my days gone and days to come and all I have. I move a lot so my routine always changes. But I will find time to exercise daily and be conscious of what I feed my body.

Favourite food or recipe or restaurant?

My favourite food will have to be duck or a beautifully baked fish. No recipe in particular. But I do like food prepared with love and fresh healthy ingredients.

Daily supplements, or what do you do to feel healthy?

I take vit B total to get all my vitamins in especially B12 as I have cut a lot of meat out my diet. For  more reasons than one. I am a daily exerciser, I do high intensity workouts and love to run. But the most important part of a healthy lifestyle is food- “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”.

What do you eat in a typical day?

I would have oats in the morning with some almond milk and berries(for all those antioxidants) and coffee with honey.

Snack: fruit/veg/nut snack

Lunch: delicious quinoa/lentil salad with avo and some diced veg

Snack: fruit/veg/nuts

Dinner: stirfry is a winner

Advice to someone wanting to consider your chosen profession?

Well my profession is a cook on a superyacht. Advice would be to do it, no matter how difficult just don’t give up until you are sure that you do or don’t like it. Like everything in life, just try it once. Also learn from people. Don’t go in thinking you know better, someone will always know better somewhere in the world, you get ahead by learning from others.

Favourite bloggers and websites to follow

Millieelderholmes, cleaneatnz, rawandfree

Facebook: Candice Elizabeth Rick
Instagram personal: popss09
Instagram blog:  behindthebucketlist

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