Interview Of The Month - Melanie Hurst From Girl Goes Fit

Interview Of The Month - Melanie Hurst From Girl Goes Fit

Hi, My name is Melanie Hurst, and I am the founder of Girl Goes Fit. Which at the moment has a home on Facebook and Instagram and I am working on a new website.

What my life looks like in this present moment (the following words I feel I am not defined by, but am enhanced by).

Age, on paper 42, in body mind and soul, around 27, a mother to two 3rd culture boys aged 11 and 9. A partner for 18 years with my husband Zach.

A girl gone international, by the definition of me being a New Zealander (part Maori and Croatian), living in Mallorca and with a heart to change the world.

My Passions are what take me away and transport me to living totally in the moment.

Fitness, the more intense, harder and faster the better.

The amazing dates I get to go on with Zach, the more spontaneous the better (Like getting a tattoo together before we had a met friends for a dinner.)

Watching my boys play, their imagination is beautiful to observe.

Seizing random opportunities to connect with beautiful people.


What started your passion

Well I have always had a passion for moving my body, in all sports at school, rep netball, touch rugby and athletics. My fitness was something I always did everyday, it was just like brushing my teeth.

But the moment my passion truly took off was when I realised that what I did was more than just for my benefit is my gift to share with others and make them the best most healthiest version of themselves.

Giving really started my momentum.


What keeps you motivated

Most of my life I have kept myself motivated, when it comes to fitness and health. But I really love making up 21 day or 30 day challenges for myself to go through and test drive before I unleash them on my clients.

Also I really love the human body, and it’s form. The beauty and complexity of the human body keeps me motivated to learn and grow and always be curious.


Best tips insights you’ve learned

We all long to be accepted and valued from others, and this has sometimes a negative outcome, due to comparing ourselves to others.

But what I have now turned it to is that we all want to be accepted and valued by others because we are essentially are all part of each other.

If we can compare from a place of knowing that we are all one of the same. Then it loses the feeling of inadequacy that sometimes goes with comparing ourselves. We have a unique body experiencing the same world just through different eyes.

Say YES more often. So many new experiences, opportunities and FUN come out of doing something that seems out of your comfort zone.


Things you do every day

Move my body! Whether it is a hit workout, playing football with my boys, walking I find it hard to sit still unless the sun is out and I have a good book.

Love my life! Whether it's a little moment to smell the roses or to smell the morning.

Cuddles with Colt, as he is always up for an everyday cuddle.

Love Life!

Be childlike, (not childish) for at least a minute.

Favourite food or recipe

Jamon Iberico Bellota - My goodness if you haven’t tried it, make sure it is on your bucket list. I didn’t like the flavour at first but once you have tried the Bellota you wont want to go back.

Sashimi - My youngest son is also a fan, but loves the shoeshe (sushi) salmon ones.

Steamed pork buns and steamed buns with soft shell crab.

Mint gelato from Glasol in Valencia - I haven’t had it in a while, but it almost qualifies for a day trip to get one!


Daily supplements

Ovarianne - for hormone balance

Apatogen botanical blend - for stress, mental clarity

Fish oils - For cell love


What do you eat in a typical day

Super food smoothie especially in summer

Eggs, fish, greens greens greens, sauerkraut.

Dark chocolate when the situation calls for it.

I keep it organic and local as much as I can.

But sometimes my smoothie bowl Instagram photo is calling out for some.

Dragonfruit to decorate the goodness. #25percentreallife, keeping up the ascetics.


Advice to someone wanting to start a healthy lifestyle

Change one thing and stick with that one thing till it becomes habit, then you will open your mind for more healthy lifestyle options to come into your life.

Your body will respond so quickly to getting it back to its optimum health set point.

Reach out to someone who has the knowledge, and is someone you feel a connection with. It will help you navigate a whole lot of info, save you time, but it has to be with someone that you vibe off.


Favourite bloggers and websites to follow

Cleaneatznz because you keep it real!

Girl Gone International for my travel life and inspiration and community of plug and play friends all over the globe.

Jason Silva I love listening to his voice and his short videos are thought provoking and beautiful.

Boho Beautiful for a quick guided meditation when I need it.

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