Interview of the Month - Meg Falconer-Robinson

Interview of the Month - Meg Falconer-Robinson

I've decided to add a new fun section to my blog "Interview of the Month" - this is where I interview someone who inspires me. The questions will stay the same but every month I'll pick a new person. My goal is to not only discover cool, new, real people to follow and inspire you also but to see how many different approaches there can be to health and wellness.

First up is Meg, Co Owner of Activate Results - bendy yoga babe, mum, blogger and all round awesome person.

Enjoy x


Short bio about the person. Who are you, age, location, hobbies, passions, blog

My name is Meg Falconer-Robinson and I am obviously very flattered that you asked to interview me Millie! OK, the short version? I am a 35 year old Christchurch mum of 3 teenagers (14, 17 and 19) I also have 2 teenage step sons and the best husband in the world. Not to brag, but our family is pretty mint. ;)

I grew up and still live in good old Christchurch and despite the unpredictable stability of the ground, I still love it here.

I SO want to say that my hobbies include baking and some kind of craft, however I am famous with my kids for making the ugliest motherf**king birthday cakes imaginable. It's a tradition now. Imagine one of those birthday cakes on Pinterest... now imagine baking it blindfolded and without 48% of the ingredients it calls for (because who can be bothered buying organic arrowroot and powdered gold dust). At least I tried right?

Passions? So many. I'm a kind of short term passion-person. I get mega excited about something (see above on baking cakes) but I also move from thing to thing quite fluidly. Some people would call this a 'lack of commitment' however I like to think of it as 'creatively malleable'  The things that have stuck with me are writing, nutrition, psychology, and yoga. I found yoga when I was at university a few years ago, and I was struggling big time with anxiety. I found it was a way to calm my central nervous system and also have a laugh at myself which is always healing. Writing is something I have been doing for as long as I can remember. Having 3 teenagers and being a 'young mum' has given me plenty of comical material!

I try to write from an extremely honest, yet rather irreverent place. My blog posts are mostly tales about body image, raising teens when people still think you are one, and life as a woman.

My blog is called A Questionable Method (

Oh Lordy, that wasn't a short bio was it....

What started your passion

I'll talk about yoga for the next few questions. Yoga always seemed kind of hippy-dippy to me. I thought there'd  be lots of chanting and chakra-opening, and trying to get my feet behind my head kind-of-thing. But in my 2nd year at university (as an adult student) I was suffering a lot of anxiety. I decided to give the free yoga at the uni gym a go, and I have never looked back since! I've been practicing for about 3 years now. I still can't get my feet behind my head.... but I'm a convert for sure. 

What keeps you motivated

I love a challenge. I love the feeling that I get when I leave the yoga studio. Even if it's been a tough session, if I feel like I have discovered something about myself (like that I can do a pose that I thought I couldn't or vice versa) then I feel a sense of 'centered-ness' (now who's the hippy!) I used to lift weights and slog it out at the gym, but eventually I got burnt out. Yoga never seems to cause that, so I just keep going back to the mat!

Best tips or insights you’ve learned

  1. Don't compare. I am guilty of this from time to time, but also very aware of it. If you are thinking you are 'better' or 'worse' than the person beside you (or on Instagram) you are doing it wrong.
  2. Create time for it. Yoga isn't all about the poses, it's also about self acceptance, breathing deeply, insight, and getting you to a place of self-love.
  3. Find your people. Join a studio or even  find other yogis on social media that you can relate to, and gain support from! 

Things you do every day

Coffee. I've recently started the Keto way of eating, so a strong cup of coffee with butter and coconut oil is my best friend in the morning!

Force the teen to get up and go to school (Also requires me to have coffee) Try to get them to eat a healthy breakfast. Fail miserably, but hug them goodbye anyway. Teens still need hugs.

Yoga. If I am not at the studio, I practice at home. I love joining in on friendly yoga challenges on Instagram because it puts you in connection with other yogis around the world, and I have found them super encouraging. Just don't compare ;)

Tell my husband  I love him. This seems like a no-brainer, but it's something that's really important to me.

Favorite food or recipe

Before Keto, it was pizza and beer... don't judge me. Now it's probably bacon, and blue cheese salad, ooh or maybe chargrilled salmon with portobello mushrooms and baby spinach... So many foods....

Daily supplements

Coffee counts as a supplement right?!

I take chelated magnesium every day, as you often need that on Keto. I also take RejuvaCol+ most days ( I am one of the owners of Activate Results so I couldn't not take that! ) I am extremely conscious of our need to nourish our bodies with good nutrition, and no amount of multi-vitamins will ever replace real food.

What do you eat in a typical day

Since starting the ketogenic way of eating, I have upped my level of good fat, and cut carbohydrates almost completely. I have never felt better, or more freedom in my diet!

I eat free range (when I can) bacon, eggs and spinach cooked in coconut oil most days, I also make my own pork crackling and keep that on hand for a snack. I love watercress, halluomi, blue cheese, eggs, green beans, nuts, salmon, and anything dark and leafy! I try to listen to my body for what it wants and needs instead of having a set routine each day. 

Advice to some one wanting to start a healthy lifestyle

Get support. That is a proven and extremely valuable strategy. Ask yourself what your goals are. Write them down. Actually write everything down. Oh, and be honest about it. You had 9 beers last night? Write it down. You felt sad and ate the whole tub of Nutella? Write it down. This gives you a visual idea of what, when, and why you are eating the way you are. So much of our eating and exercising is psychological, and when you start to look at your moods, events around you, and your physical response to those things, you often see patterns arise.

Make a plan. In health psychology this is called 'Implementation Intention' Basically, if X happens, Then I will do Y.

So it might look like:  'When I am stressed about *insert most common stress you have* THEN I choose to put on my shoes and walk around the block even if it's raining"

Be kind to yourself. If you cock it up or don't exercise for a day, that's ok. Don't let one bad choice dictate the rest of your day. Just go back to your goals and know you are making positive steps towards them.

Favorite bloggers and websites to follow

There's this awesome blogger called Millie Elder-Holmes.... you may have heard of her ;)

Recently I have been devouring a Keto website called The KetoVangelist:

My favourite blogger for general comedy and don't-take-life-too-seriously is Jenny Lawson - The Bloggess. She also has hilarious books:

A yogi who I find incredibly inspiring is Shirley McLeod from Yoga With Me: She is a New Zealander who is so easy to relate to, has built up her own brand and business, and is just an all round babe.

And for amazing recipes, inspiration, motivation and advice on Keto, you can't beat the beautiful Elora Harre from The Shrinking Violet: She's become an awesome friend, and is such a babe.

Well that was long! I hope you found something helpful in there!

If you know how to make a cake look like a rainbow and not a chemical plantation spill, drop me a line. There are some kids here that will thank you.

Meg Falconer-Robinson

Instagram:  @yogagirlnz



Let me know if you like this new addition to my blog and who you would like to see me interview next month

Millie xx

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