So you guys all know that I suffer from “infertility” if I think back it’s been about 10 years of it, I don’t like talking about it
1. Because it makes me so sad
2. Because I feel like it’s not something you just bring up ...

My short history is that after my dad in New Zealand (Paul) got diagnosed with cancer i started looking into why I hadn’t conceived yet (timing I know), I’d been with my partner at the time for like 6 years and nothing had happened...I saw Dr Birdsall at Fertility Associates in Auckland and did two rounds in total of IVF... at the end of the second round she told me that it just wouldn’t happen for me and said it was due to “unexplained infertility”. Obviously this was hard for me to hear, especially at my age.

I had done some acupuncture and alternative therapy while I was doing IVF so I knew that there were other avenues but I still had that voice of authority in the back of my mind saying no it won’t happen for you. every month if my period was late a few days I would get so nervous, I’d try not to get excited and then I would get so sad when my period came...
So for the past years I’ve had this in the back of my mind, that I am actually infertile.

Then when I sat down with BePure to discuss my painful periods and low energy i brought it up, Lisa My practitioner told me they would do some tests and see what exactly was going on with my hormones in general, she explained to my how the body works and that it’s possible that I’m oestrogen dominant, so that’s why I’m doing also a Dutch (dry urine test) this month.

I’m not trying to have a baby right this moment I just know that obviously when I do it’s going to be more difficult for me and I want to know why my body is like it is and I want to fix it.

I hope that this is a topic that we speak about more freely, because there isn’t just one way to get pregnant, we are complex creatures and it may take a combination of things for us to create a miracle. the most important thing I believe, is to work with people who give you hope not dead ends, who teach you and don’t shut you down, especially when it comes to your body. .
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