How I Got My Base Body

How I Got My Base Body

For me, as mentioned in yesterday's post, my 'base body' is a reflection of the food that I'm mindfully putting into my body to support my health in a manageable and enjoyable way. The fact that I'm now working two jobs, one being my blog and the other being in hospitality here in Greece, I don't have the energy to also add working out to my schedule.  

  • I'm not eating meat for personal reasons;
  • I don't eat sugar or processed foods;
  • I limit my wheat based product intake to help reduce my period pain;
  • I'm also avoiding mainstream processed dairy but eating cheese that my day makes from his goats;
  • I eat a lot of organic eggs and vegetables;
  • I drink 2-3 liters of water a day;
  • I limit my coffee intake because it gives me the jitters;
  • And I try and avoid chemicals in my day to day life as much as possible.

But this is just me and my currently lifestyle. 

My base body last year included meat, wheat and dairy and I was a little heavier but I was still ok with how I looked, although I did have the inkling I could be doing better for myself and my health in general as I was lacking energy in the afternoons and experiencing extreme bloating and painful periods. It was my goal to remedy these issues and with the help of Lisa from BePure i learn about the inflammatory effects of wheat and dairy  and that this was the contributing factor to my main area of concern - my painful and erratic menstrual cycle.

I no longer set goals around my weight any more, I don't use scales or get upset with myself because I'm not doing workouts. 

Now when I do set goals they are always based on a feeling that I need to improve an area of myself for a better overall feeling of wellness. 

For example, now I feel that i need to do something about my flexibility and range of movement. I have such tight hips and I'm starting to get very bad sciatic pain. I'm about as flexible as a piece of wood and I can feel that I need to do something about it, so I will be looking to improve on this in the future but I'm not beating myself up about it. I will do it when time allows and my feeling about my body in general does not depend on this one thing. 

I feel good after making these few small changes to my mindset and eating habits. It feels amazing to have health and wellbeing in my mind instead of my weight and how I look. Now it's all about how my body feels. During this process I have been able to reduce and eliminate some of my previous issues and feel better overall. I'm discovering why my body is doing what it's doing and how to best support it in its process, and it's really empowering. 

I feel like by doing the above I'm supporting my body in the best way possible so it can function well.

I'm also not beating myself up if I slip and have a little pizza or chocolate, as I believe depriving yourself of the things you want forms an unhealthy relationship with food, but in saying that I don't have a crazy yolo mentality either. 

These are the things that I have taken some time to realize and learn about and now, for me, this process has given me what I would called my current base body. 

It's really about being in tune with yourself and learning how different things affect you or make you feel. 

Self love should be a given, we should all praise and accept and love ourselves unconditionally and encourage others to do this same.

M x

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