Giving is a gift and kindness is king

Giving is a gift and kindness is king
Sitting on the back of a motorbike, ideas swirling through my mind like the hot summer air around me.

I'm thinking about all the people I know who are experiencing sadness in their lives right now and I wish I could make them believe that in time, it will be alright; that they will grow and become stronger and to remember not to let their pain make them black inside.

Then I start to think about all the people I don't know who are suffering, especially the children of the world who are crying out for food, clothes a home or just for love... sometimes I get so caught up in the sadness picturing what I can only imagine is a fraction of the pain and hurt that is going on in the world...

And it always brings me back to one idea, one wish....kindness and the gift of giving.

Kindness is often so rare now days it can be mistaken for flirting, kindness for me is anything from a smile on the street, to letting a friend a hard truth about something.

We all know it's important to be kind but giving often brings about ideas of money, this isn't the type of giving I'm talking about.

Give yourself. Give what you can; what you have excess of.

Give your experience, your lessons, your skills, view point or ideas...give your love give your support. Give your smile and energy freely all of these seemingly simple things have at some point really helped me in my life so I'm giving them on to you all.

If everyone was kind and giving could you imagine how different our world would be?

Do something kind today...start the ripple effect even if it's just a smile or compliment to a stranger.

I hope you enjoyed this ramble written on the back of a motorbike during the Greek summer of 17

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