Dating With Dana - How To Get A Man To Be Wild About You!

Dating With Dana - How To Get A Man To Be Wild About You!

Do you find often that you are the hunter? The pursuer - the chaser - actively seeking men out, approaching them, being very proactive and forward in trying to connect with men?

You may even be doing the chasing and not even realize it.

I know the love and dating game has changed drastically over the last decade and that finding a good man today seems to be a major battle and can feel almost impossible! 

Do you find yourself obsessing over your dating apps and potential matches - making you feel like you have absolutely no control over your romantic future because it's all dependent on who does or doesn't like you online? 

Do you feel like you’ve worked so hard to find a decent guy online - only to feel so desperate and anxious that when you do finally meet him and actually like him you end up pushing him away with an overbearing - over eager energy?

Let me get you in on a little secret - well actually a huge massive secret that I learned on my journey to being a love and relationship coach.

It’s quite primal want to PURSUE - they want to hunt - they want to go and fish. It’s in their bones - in their DNA. They want to be the one chasing you and when we make it too easy for them - when we’re TOO eager, too available  - it’s no fun and they lose interest…

It sounds like a game yet it’s not. It’s a whole way of being. 

When we start to feel stressed, desperate and anxious about finding love we give off that same vibe of being desperate, anxious and needy. 

We go into our Masculine Energy center – the part of ourselves that tries to make things happen by chasing, pursuing and forcing things. The Masculine Energy wants to give, and this is where we as women get it all wrong. We think the more we give to our men the more they will give back, yet it doesn’t work that way. 

What we need to do instead is: lean back into our Feminine Energy center – the part of us where we feel secure within ourselves, our heart center – the side of us that is present to what is and just receives. Basically being present to the NOW is totally feminine – you’re not thinking about the past or the future you are just fully in the present moment, and therefore not anxious, needy or feeling desperate because your not worried about what’s happened in the past or what might in happen in the future because you are trusting how you’re feeling NOW - in the present moment. 

When we are active in our Feminine Energy we RECEIVE first from our men, before we chose to give. We process how that receiving feels from our man, how it feels in our body, and if we are in tune and present with our Feminine Energy we can then decide if it feels good and right to give back to our man. 

We trust our intuition - if a man is right for us and truly interested he will respond to something simple, like a gentle warm open smile and eye contact. 

A high-quality masculine energy man wants to be the one pursuing you, and you WANT to be with a high-quality masculine energy man.

The burning question is:

How do you find a high-quality masculine energy man? 

The simple answer is:  

By connecting to your feminine core - your feminine energy. 

In any relationship there’s a masculine and feminine dynamic. As women, we want to be the feminine dynamic - the receiver - the soft gentle energy - yet somehow along the way we may have become confused. 

We may have taken our masculine - the active ‘do-er’ energy (which is fantastic in the workplace and accomplishing your to-do) list home with us, into our relationship and love life.  

We think that because we were able to get things done at work with our masculine energy we will be able to get stuff done in our romantic life using the same energy. 

This does NOT work.

Trust me, over the years I’ve noticed the difference, whenever I was actively ‘hunting’ a man down (a very masculine energy thing to do), showing major interest or being over eager in my relationships - my boyfriend would start to withdraw and back away from my energy. 

It all became worse, when I would try and fix it all - being even more available - more sweet - totally activating my masculine energy turning him off further as it gave him no space for him to be the masculine hunter, who wanted to pursue me. 

How do we fix this issue of connecting to our feminine, so that our partner becomes wild about us?

We have to put the breaks on. 

We have to stop leaning forward and chasing and start leaning all the way back - stop expecting him to be the only source of water for your ‘happy half full or half empty cup’.

I want you to go off into the world and create a full passionate FUN happy life for yourself so you totally FORGET about your man because you’re so PRESENT with yourself.

You want to shift your vibe so that you ooze passion and excitement about something that doesn't involve him and that 100% involves you. 

When your man sees you so involved with projects and activities that fill up your ‘feel good cup’, his attraction for you will start to grow because he will unconsciously understand that you don’t need him in your life. There’s no pressure on him to make you happy, if he makes you happier -  awesome, yet you’re already a happy gal all from your own doing. He will understand that you’re fully happy with who you are and the life you have.

This is hugely alluring to any high quality man and will make him wild about you!

If you feel like you need help on accessing your feminine fire, and activating fun, happiness and present moments in your life so you can drive your man wild - book in a free 20 minute Real Romance coaching session with me.

I can help you find the love you desire, and teach the tools to fire up your feminine core so you can experience Real Romance in this modern era of digital dating.

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Find me at 

Instagram @lovecoachdana

Xx Dana 

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