Breast Implants

Breast Implants

I’m a strong believer in doing whatever you want if it’s been well thought out and is going to make you happy in the long run (and obviously not hurt anyone else) and is safe.

I have never spoken about my breast augmentation because, well, I didn’t do it to talk about it I did it for me.

I started thinking about getting a boob job after I started my health and wellness journey. My weight has fluctuated a lot over the years and I had ended up with very small A size boobies. If I was lucky on my period they would stretch up to an empty B. I personally felt that with my hips and shoulders my body was a little out of proportion. I also felt that my nipples were way too big for the size of my breasts and I had always struggled with this insecurity after being ridiculed by an ex boyfriend when I was younger.

So I started researching. I followed like a hawk when Shaanxo started to talk about her own journey down the same path. When she  flew to Thailand to have her boob job I watched her videos of recovery intently to get an idea of what I was truly in for and if I thought I could handle it.

In 2014 a friend of mine went to The Cosmetic Institute in Australia to have her breasts done and when she came back they looked amazing. She raved to me about how great the female doctor and clinic was, so I started stalking their page on Instagram and their website and talking to my friends and mum about it. My mum to be honest was really not that keen but I had my heart set on doing this, so I sent my photos off and started with my formal inquiry.

In all their emails to me I felt surer about my decision. They explained every question I had in detail, and there were no surprises.

Because I would be traveling from New Zealand they arranged I have my consult on the day before my surgery (if I decided to go ahead). They informed me about all costs with the actual surgery costing $5990, $75 for my post opp bras and $50 for my post opp medications. At the time I paid for this the Australian dollar crashed and was almost the same value as the New Zealand dollar, me being me I took this as a sign haha.

Where and When

I ended up booking in at the Sydney clinic 20th of April 2015 with the only female doctor, doctor Ali. I had been to Sydney before so it was less of a new place for me. The clinic is in Parramatta so I rented a hotel that partners with the clinic, Meriton Apartments which was walking distance from the operating theatre. I booked my stay from the 19th of April until the 24th.

In my consultation I was asked how I wanted my breasts to look. I first had to choose the size, shape and placement. I think I went with somewhere between 350-380cc but I can’t remember exactly. I was asked if I wanted to make my breasts even by placing a slightly larger implant in my smaller right breast but I said no to this as I don’t have such a big size difference and I wanted to keep that natural feel.

They told me they would make a cut under my breast and insert the implant that way so I would have a small scar on each side. I definitely knew that I wanted to go under the pectoral muscle for a more natural looking implant and so that in future I could have the option of breast feeding. I have seen many under the skin implants that straight away stick out to me as fake and I didn’t want that look. Deciding on shape was a little more difficult. I ruled out round implants from the start but tossed up between the semi-flat/round and flat implants for a while finally going with the semi flat/round. The cosmetic institute use Allergan's silicone gel implants.

The day of my operation I cried while I was put to sleep. I had watched too much doctor 90210 and the thought of the surgeons being so rough with my body freaked the fucking shit out of me. I woke up 1.5 hours later very happy and pain free, greeted by their lovely after care nurses and my bestie. I think I spent an hour waking up maybe less then I got a taxi to the apartment. For the next 5 weeks, I would have to sleep sitting propped up by pillows, which was fine for me as I usually sleep on my back. I was so paranoid I would roll over and pop something the first night so I slept on the couch at the hotel. I experienced no pain at any point what so ever and especially not in the first days. In the days after my operation me and my friend explored Sydney, went shopping, did the Bondi walk and many other things. I was not hindered at all by pain or drowsiness form the medication.

After flying home on the 24th I was advised not to do any exercise for the next 6-8 weeks, not to raise my hands and stretch them above my head as I could pop a stitch, and to just generally take care and not overexert myself. Because my mum is a doctor I had her take my stitches out at home, which was a laugh. I healed well and fast which I credit to my good diet of whole based foods and not smoking at the time. After 6 weeks, I felt my body had healed completely.

For the first year, my breasts were quite high which I hated and therefore I dressed accordingly, I tried to hide them as much as possible with high necked tops and my hair. After the one year mark, they dropped and started to look more natural as you can see from these photos.

I can say that making this decision to have my breasts enlarged has completely reduced my insecurity about the size of my nipples and the proportions of my body, I wouldn't change anything that I did. I will say the only down side is that I did lose my nipple sensitivity. Pre-my boob job my nipples were extremely sensitive - post operation I have lost almost all that sensitivity. This isn’t something that bothers me so much though, I’m over the moon with my breasts now and how natural they look and feel. They are a part of me and don’t at all feel like foreign objects.


I hope this blog was enjoyable and informative to read.


M xxx

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