Bonk Lube Review

Bonk Lube Review

Personally, I feel it’s sort of taboo for me to speak openly about my sex life. I have always felt that generally women are judged more harshly for their sexual encounters.

While our male counterparts are often praised and encouraged - we are looked down on and often called names.

So, when I was approached to trial this product, and started to write this review with those ideas in mind, initially I thought “no that’s too personal!”. But then the longer I thought about it, the more I realised that this is exactly what I do: I speak about things that are sometimes uncomfortable and taboo, I advocate for living a chemical free lifestyle where possible and I’m always keen to gain knowledge and learn about new products and ways to live a healthier lifestyle.

So regardless of whether sex is taboo for me, as a woman, to speak about - I know millions of people, men and women alike, are having sex - and that having a healthy sexual relationship (at whatever level that may be for you personally) either alone or with a partner is important for many people in their lives. Although my article could never hope to reach all those people, I hope those who do will discover a new amazing safe and enjoyable boudoir product.

Bonk Lube is a natural New Zealand made product, certified organic and cruelty free. Both formulas include ingredients specifically from New Zealand and you can tell just by reading the full ingredient list that this is not only safe for your intimate areas, but it’s also going to keep it soft and moisturised. You could use both these products anywhere on your body and they would enhance your skin's moisture and look so I’m taking that as an added win; lube and a safe ‘down-under’ moisturizer in one.

I have trailed both the Bonk Lube in water based and oil based formulas, and I would have to say that for me (currently living in the hot summer weather) the water based is my preference, it’s the texture of an aloe vera gel, logical as this is one of the main ingredients.

There’s no risk of it running everywhere and messing up your sheets, it goes and stays where it’s needed.

The oil based would be more suited for couples’ massage, use in the shower/bath, or possibly colder weather. It’s an oilier, runnier product than the water based - so keep that in mind when deciding which of the two would be suit your personal needs.

You can use my code BONKME for 10% off any sized lubes here on the Oh Natural website.

Certified organic lubricants highlight the dangers of mainstream alternatives, which often contain petroleum jelly - a known cacogenic which creates a barrier on the skin. Not the kind of thing you want to be putting on the most sensitive areas of your body.

I’ve linked some interesting supporting articles, here and here, which suggest some lubricant brands may even cause damage to vagina tissue - which is scary stuff!

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