Alternative pain relief with ShaktiMat

Alternative pain relief with ShaktiMat

Whether you are working out, it's that time of the month, stuck with a headache or even a hangover, there are many times in life when you can feel pain or discomfort. For someone like me who prefers the homeopathic approach of treating the cause rather than the symptoms of pain, I would much rather use an alternative to things like Panadol which are just a Band-Aid or just mask the pain and do nothing to resolve the cause of why the pain is occurring.

When I was approached by this small strangely named New Zealand company who were distributing these ethically made mats which resembled hedgehogs I thought it was such a strange concept, but the more I researched it the more logical it seemed.

Watch the idea for the mat came from

I had had acupuncture in the past which is the process of inserting super fine needles into certain point in your body to relieve pressure, trigger points, pain and often can be used to help resolve much bigger issues within the body.

The ShaktiMat is similar to this idea - the mat has small spikes which you lay on with certain parts of your body. My favourite positions are on my back with my knees up when I have lower back and period pain, or alternating this with laying on my stomach also helps a lot for cramps.

Rolled up like a towel and placed behind the back of the head and neck for shoulder and neck pain. If you also take you hair out and lay the mat over some pillows so that It covers your shoulders, head and neck you can also move your head around for the most amazing head massage.

Here is a guided master class using the mat

If this is something that sounds like you would enjoy I am currently affiliated with this company and you can purchase any thing on their website using my code “cleaneatznz” and receive 15% off your order also if you don’t like it you can return it for a full refund.

Their website is also full of great information and stats about people who have used the mat; “98% reduced pain 94% improved sleep” are pretty mind blowing. Since I fell in love with this crazy little mat and started recommending it to my followers I have had hundreds of emails, messages and snapchats from people saying how surprised they were that this thing is so effective and how they can’t live without it.

If you have ordered one and you don’t really know how to start using it, I would suggest easing into it. If you're going to stand on it try it first with thin socks, and when laying on it for the first time try wearing a thin shirt also. Don’t forget to breathe, try to relax into the mat like you would when you stretch or hold a yoga pose. I hope these small tips help.

I would love to hear your thoughts if you have a ShaktiMat comment below

Millie xx

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